Friday, November 07, 2008

18 week appt

We had another baby appt this morning. Lewis had to cancel at the last minute, but it was just as well since they had to do an routine exam on me. I don't think he would have wanted to be there for that. :)

The doctor found the heartbeat quickly, but the baby kept kicking and moving around. Of course, I couldn't feel that, but the doctor could tell because the heartbeat kept moving around. It's a feisty little thing, just like it's momma! I used my cell phone to record the hearbeat this time and it's such a beautiful sound! Very clear, very stong...It was 140 once again, which only further feeds the old wives tale that this baby is a boy. My mother in law says she thinks I am carrying low, which once again, signifies boy, if you believe the superstitions. I have had the gut feeling since day 1 that it is boy. Since we aren't finding out the sex until the birth, I am going to be quite shocked if it turns out to be a girl!

Our big (and only!) ultrasound is in 2 weeks, on Nov 21st. I will be 20 weeks and we get to finally see our baby! It will be nice to share the pictures with our families since Thanksgiving is the folowing week.

I definitely have a belly. Perhaps I can get my husband to approve a G rated pic to post. :)

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Lindsay said...

I wish that I had the willpower to wait to find out the sex. I would never make it!!