Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Home again...

I got home from work yesterday. Finally!

I normally wake up in Chicago before the sun comes up and groggily make my way to the airport, get on the 6am-ish flight to DEN and sleep the whole way. Then I sit in the DEN airport for 2 hours waiting for my connection to AMA, finally arriving home about 12:15pm-ish.

The whole trip makes me cranky and tired. I hate it.

Well, I looked up the loads on Sunday night so I could have an idea of what I faced on Mmonday morning. They looked awful, as in full. So I decided to nix going through DEN and instead take a 9am flight to HOU, and then work my way north to AMA. All in all, it would add about a half hour to the whole trip and the loads looked much better.

Lo and behold, I was a different person when I got home. Since I had a few more hours sleep than I normally get, and I had a shower and got ready in the AM like a normal person, I was well rested and presentable! So I wasn't tired and cranky, and when Lewis got home from work, I wasn't completely worthless! So I think I may do it this way when I know it doesn't matter to Lewis if I get home at noon-ish or at 3:30pm. My MIL picked me up from the airport because Lewis had meetings. She has done tons for me and Lewis lately. She totally took care of him when he has his surgery on Thursday.

Yesterday was also my very first full day in maternity clothes. I had been wearing a contraption called a Bella Band (mine was a generic Tummy Sleeve) and the bulge where my pants weren't buttoned was making me self conscious. So I non-revved in some Gap Maternity pants and an awesome maternity shirt I got on consignment and it was heaven. No worrying that the band was rolling and everything looked smooth and felt so comfortable.

I am at an in-between stage right now, or so I think. I cannot wear my normal clothes, but I also think I look more pregnant than I am when I wear maternity clothes. Oh well, being comfy beats being squeezed! We have our next baby appt on Thursday and I can't wait to hear the heartbeat! I will be 14 weeks on Friday and I am officially out of the first trimester. I do have a little bump, but I know some people will just think I have been hitting the dinner table more than usual. :)

I can't wait to see my parents in a couple of weeks. Lewis and I are meeting our friends Stephanie and Jason in Abilene for mine and Stephanie's 10 year college reunion, so we are staying in Anson with my mom and dad. They haven't seen us since we told them the baby news at 7 weeks. And I haven't seen Stephanie and Jason in almost a year!

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