Friday, September 26, 2008

Losing my eggs.

So this morning I woke up totally wantting an egg burrito. I would scamble some eggs, add some cheese, fold up in a tortilla, drink some OJ and yum!

So I got the cheese out, turned on the comal, heated up the pan....and I couldn't find the eggs in the fridge.

Hmm, maybe Lewis ate them? Nah, he doesn't really cook, and whay would he choose eggs when there are other things he likes better in the fridge? Maybe the neighbors needed some and he gave them to him? Nah, we really don't know our neighbors and they wouldn't ask us for that.

I tried to call him to see if he knew where the eggs were. (as if he would really have known!), but he didn't answer his phone. So I decided to just have some waffles. After I put the waffles in the toaster, I start putting up everything else away and I see the eggs.

On the counter.

I must have taken them out first thing because they were cold.

Oy. I am losing it.

And the sad thing was, I STILL had to eat waffles since they were already in the toaster and I couldn't waste them.

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mamakrystal said...

you silly rabbit!!!! You made the waffle breakfast combo..yum!