Sunday, September 14, 2008

I can officially blog about it now....

It feels so good to be able to publicly talk about the pregnancy! It was about killing me to keep it a secret. We did tell the parental units weeks earlier because we just could not wait!

Lewis and I actually became aware we were going to be parents on August 4th. I was in BOI and I "knew" I was pregnant. I had been charting my BBT's and I was 2 days late. When I temped that morning, it was still high, and I just knew. I peed on a stick I had conveniently brought with me and the line popped up positive! It was about 6am so I had to wait to call Lewis until later.

Unbeknownst to us, I was PG while we were in Las Vegas. Good thing I had lots of sushi and cocktails, because I sure am missing them now! Mmmm, a vodka tonic with extra lime would really taste good right now!

Our second OB appt was this past Wednesday. It was a brief one because my doctor was called out to a delivery. So she did a quick ultrasound to find the heartbeat since she was having difficulty finding it with the doppler device. And she found it!

I may or may not have seen it. I couldn't tell with all the grainy black and white stuff. But the Doctor and Lewis definitely saw it so I feel good about that. She said the heartrate was in the 160's. Healthy!!

I don't know if we are going to find our the sex beforehand. I'm leaning towards it being a surpise.

We are soooo excited! (so is my Dad!!)

*****I am journaling this experince privately, so I know I'm leaving a lot of details out here on the blog, but that is on purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Holy moly!!!! I am so excited for you guys!! Congrats!!!! You guys are going to make great parents. Be sure to come back to Missouri so all the "Chix with Stix" can see the baby (oh, and see you too :)). Miss ya bunches!!
Dawn Mullen
"Go Blue" (even though we changed our jerseys to pink/black).