Monday, July 21, 2008

My brother's wedding and Lewis' jury duty

Lewis had jury duty last week.. He had to go in on Monday morning and see if he was selected. Monday's are usually one of his busier days at work. He has lots of meetings so I know it messed up his schedule. Monday afternoon, Lewis ended up being the 12th juror chosen.

He was told the trial would begin the next day and hopefully be over by Friday morning. Umm, we were supposed to fly out to my brother's wedding in New Mexico on Friday afternoon. So I was hoping for a quick decision. Lucky for us, it was over on Wednesday afternoon.

Lewis couldn't talk to me about the trial, but now that it's over it involved a child molester. He was found guilty and sentenced to prison for a long time. Yay for a child molester being taken off the streets!

I ended up going to work on Wednesday, with the trip ending in Dallas on Friday evening. The plan was to have Lewis fly into Dallas around the time I got off work, and we would go to El Paso together and pick up my sister at the El Paso airport.

Lewis ended up taking an earlier flight, so I just met him in El Paso that evening. April flew in later and we stayed the night in El Paso and drove to Deming, NM in the morning.

My brother's wedding was Saturday afternoon, with the reception a couple of hours later.

Here are some pics:

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