Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lovely Las Vegas

Lewis and I have been in Las Vegas since Monday.

The conference he is attending is at Mandalay Bay. It is an awesome hotel. They upgraded us to a suite, and I swear, it is the nicest hotel room I have ever stayed in. The vendors have been VERY generous with dinner and drinks. Yum!!!

The pool area is huge and nice. They have sand in front of the Wave Pool (which gets hot as hell early in the morning and throughout the day!), and a Lazy River, and also 3 or 4 separate pool areas. You can even rent a cabana with a flat screen, fridge, and ceiling fan in it!

Yesterday a woman who was leaving the pool area gave us her inner tube. I guess she was leaving the next day and didn't want to haul it home. Lewis and I thanked her and set it aside, about 20 ft from us, while we went into the normal pool. Not 5 minutes later, it was GONE! Lewis had noticed a guy standing by it and next thing we knew, he was headed to the Lazy River to float on it.

Me, being me, hopped out of the pool, pretty much ran over to him, hurdling chairs and loungers, yelling, "Excuse me! Excuse me!"

When I finally reached him, everyone was looking at me, so I took the opportunity to call him out on his thievery.

Me: "I think you stole our tube"

Thief: "Oh! I didn't know it belonged to you. No one was using it."

Me"Just because it's not being used doesn't mean it's free for the taking."

And I turned around and marched back to the pool, tube over my shoulder, not caring that I pretty much called him a thief in front of everyone. He was a grown man. He should know better!

We leave tomorrow. I'm normally not a fan of Las Vegas, but I liked this trip. But then again, I'm not on a work layover, staying at the dumpy Circus Circus or Terrible's.

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