Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quick update

I am such a bad blogger. I don't blog everday like SOME bloggers I know.

Perhaps because:

1) I don't have kids. For some reason, the blogs I read are written by moms. They write about their kids. No offense to moms everywhere because someday I hope to be one. I really can't say whether I'd write in here more if I did have kids. I hear you don't have time to take a shower when you have kids, much less write in a blog. But apparently some women do have that time. Which they probably find since they get what I don't in #2.

2) I don't get paid for it.

3) I don't find the mundane things in my life something that I think you want to read about. And sometimes cool things do happen. And I share some of them. And sometimes I don't because it's more like something I'd write in my personal journal rather than on a blog that the whole world can read, INCLUDING MY MOTHER.

I'll list some stuff that's happened recently and you can judge for yourself if it would have been "blog-worthy".

a) I made pinto beans for the first time a few weeks ago. Now I make them at least once a week. I like them better smashed, but I don't use lard, so they look refried, but really aren't. I LOVE bean and cheese burritos. So it's awesome to have some in the fridge whenever I want. Beans pack the fiber and protein, too.

b) I miss playing hockey BAD. There is a league in Amarillo, but I've tried contacting the people in charge, but they haven't gotten back to me after my several attempts at contacting them. I'm finding out that Amarillo is a city that is very "clique-y". Or perhaps my expectations are too high.

c) I did not go to work last week. I'm looking forward to work this week, even though it's going to be a hard trip.

d) Lewis had a volleyball tournament on Saturday.

e) I took the dog for a walk with my inline skates on. Skating on a road is different than skating on an inline rink. I didn't realize I'd pick up so much speed on a low downhill grade. The dog got caught between my legs so I was pulling his leash between my legs and he was running behind me. I had to make a quick decision as to whether I wanted to fall on asphalt or on grass. I chose the grass. It looked like a beautiful slide into homeplate. I'm all scratched up, but nothing major.

f) (Some) women are so sensitive and take things too personally.

g) I sleep better with background noise.

h) I'm glad the weather is FINALLY turning more spring-like.

i) Lewis and I have seen Blades of Glory, Pathfinder, and Vacancy in the last month. All of those could have waited for the DVD. By the way, we do not own a DVD player.

I'm off to smash some beans.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I'd had the knowledge of your lack of a DVD player - I was at Macy's on Saturday and they were having a one day sale - DVD players for $29.99 amoung other things. I'll have to be on the look out - I would hate having to go without even one of my three DVD players - Yuck!