Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not all trainers can be Chad

I joined a gym in Amarillo.

I had put off doing it because I was either running with Lewis or using my "room key" from the crew hotel to gain access the other gym in town. But I was starting to get recognized there and it was making me paranoid. Plus, I was still paying for a membership in STL.

The gym I joined is a national chain. I chose it over the one I had been using "illegally" because it offers more amenities and some of the girlfriends I've made in Amarillo are members. It is costing me over double what my gym in STL cost me, but it does offer way more options.

I also get three complimentary sessions with a trainer. I was pretty stoked about that and had my first session this morning. According to my friends who go to this gym, my session was with one of the best trainers.

So I show up ready to go, towel and water in hand because those are staples I always needed with Chad. I even brought my lifting gloves in case we did some weights.

First thing the trainer does in lead me to an incline bench machine. I'm thinking to myself, "Okay, so maybe we're going to lift first and then get into the meat of the workout". So we do some chest work, some shoulders, some back, some arms. He has to keep adding weight because he is seriously underestimating how much I can handle. And then he takes a phone call DURING the workout. I thought that was kinda tacky. But then again, it's a free session.

I finally look at my watch and we have 10 minutes left. He suggests doing some ab work. And what does he have me do? Crunches, albeit with a bar, but still. Be a bit more creative.

At the end, I show him some stuff Chad showed me for abs and core. He appears to be interested, but I don't think he likes me bringing up Chad's name so much. Kinda like if you were on a date and kept talking about your ex.

I ended up going back to the gym this afternoon to get in some cardio and to do some real ab stuff. I can't say that I'm too excited about the other 2 sessions I have coming. I inquired as to the cost of personal training. Not that I'm going to purchase it, but just to know. It's about half what Chad charges. I guess you get what you pay for. Chad was worth every penny. Today, well, thank goodness it was included as a part of joining.

(In previous posts, Chad has been referred to as "Jesus". But I don't feel like keeping him anonymous anymore. Plus, if anyone needs a kick-ass trainer in the STL area, let me know and I will get you in touch. He's awesome!)

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