Friday, September 15, 2006

Meet Me In St. Louis

Lewis came up to St. Louis last weekend. It was a great time!

He got to meet the people at the gym, eat some yummy sushi, explore some cool museums, and go clothes shopping. But I think the best part of the trip for him was going to Bass Pro Shop and another local Fly Fishing shop. His eyes lit up like Christmas lights when we walked in.

In case you didn't know, Lewis loooves to fly fish...about as much as I love to play hockey. He ties his own flies/flys and these stores have ALL kinds of stuff to use to tie your own flys. Lewis was oohing and ahhing at every turn of the aisle. It was awesome to see him so giddy.

Lewis also got to go to one of my hockey games. We won 2-0, but I didn't score any goals. Still, it was fun and I was happy he was able to attend and see me play. He took some pictures but they did not come out. But on a better note, Lewis found out that there is an inline and an ice hockey league in Amarillo. Woo Hoo!! This means I don't have to give up playing hockey when I move.

We went to an outdoor Art Fair and walked around seeing different types of art...wood, ceramic, jewelry, oil, etc...We also went to Dave and Buster's. I had almost 14,000 points and we redeemed some of them on silly things. We went bowling, visited both the History and Art Museum, and the Science Center. Shopping was the order of the day on Monday, and Lewis got some snazzy threads. No crew socks at all!

It was a packed weekend, but we had a great time together. We'll spend a couple more weekends in Amarillo and then we're going to Anson in October.


lilbmw745 said...

Woman, why didn't you call me. I want to meet your boy!

april said...

the best part of this blog was when you mentioned that lewis didnt buy crew socks