Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And all this happened before NOON...

I awoke this morning at 0630.

I packed.

I ironed.

I packed some more.

I ate some breakfast.

I packed some more.

I went to the gym and had a great workout.

I stopped by Qdoba (my FAVORITE burrito place) to get 2 burritos. One for me and one for my CSA friend Gil who has saved my non-revving butt too many times to count. He has moved my car for me from super-expensive-costs-an-arm-and-a-leg parking to a cheaper lot. He has shipped things for me that he didn't really have to. He has checked me onto a flight so it wouldn't leave without me. The boy has done me some favors. The least I can do it buy him a burrito.

Anyways, so it was a great morning. I even told Lewis my morning was going great and that as soon as I got some stuff shipped off and I was on the plane, the rest of the day would be easy. This was about 1045.

Not two minutes after making that statement, Gil calls to tell me my 1150 flight to MDW has been cancelled. No prob, I'm thinking. I listed myself and so I'm covered by the commuter policy in our contract. But then Gil tells me that he erased my listing and to hurry and get to the airport because the 1055 flight is holding until 1130.

YIKES. Two problems here. 1) I no longer have proof of that listing that will cover me. 2) I still have to drive and park at the hotel I park at (it's free!) and unload my car and load up the hotel shuttle and wait for their every 15 minutes departure. I don't think I am going to make it.

So I get to the hotel and park smack dab in front of the hotel doors so I can unload all the crap I am taking with me. The van driver comes out, helps me load it up, and off we go. I call Gil to tell him I am on my way and should be there in time. Everything is cool.


Halfway to the airport, I realize I did not move my car. It is still sitting there smack dab in the driveway of the hotel. I am now faced with going back and possibly missing my flight or trusting the van driver to park it elsewhere. I have parked here on and off for the last 2 months so I decied to let him do that after he tells me he'll leave the key at the front desk. I attach my name and number to the key and tip the guy a healthy tip in hopes it will all work out.

I do make it to the airport in time. Gil even meets the shuttle and helps me carry all my stuff.

I get to the gate. Plane is still there. Ahhhh....I can realx now.

Until I realize I left my uniform sweater in my car. With everything else that happened, it seems like a non-issue. I just want to get to work.


lilbmw745 said...

So did you go to work sweater-less - or did you take the day off?

Elisa said...

After all that, I definitely went to work! Sweater-less, of course.

Anonymous said...

Great story. That didn't make you officially out of uniform, did it?

I really miss your crews. Our hotel now has another airline stay with us and they just can't compare.

Elisa said...

No, the sweater is an optional piece. But I was going to PHL and CMH, so I wanted to be prepared for chilly weather.

april said...

its hard to believe that people care about a stupid sweater when in your previous blog there was pee in the seatback pocket. if i had something to comment about it would definately be the pee.

i hope that doesnt offend lilly, but i just think that the pee was more interesting