Monday, March 13, 2006

My birthday weekend


*deep sigh*

*deeper sigh*

This weekend rocked.

Yes, the weekend which I was dreading…The one that brought with it my *shudder* THIRTIETH birthday…THAT weekend.

Let me give you a quick recap.

Friday night, I had drinks with the most handsome, intelligent, witty man in the whole wide world.

Saturday, the same incredible, kind, and funny man in the whole wide world took me to Jimmy’s on the Park in Clayton (the food was amazing!) and then taught me some basic Salsa dancing moves when we hit a Salsa dance club.

Sunday, he outdid himself. This generous, strong, has his shit together, comes from a good family, has morals and values, most thoughtful man in the whole wide world took me to the spa.

I have not mentioned this amazing man until now. And I find myself not wanting to share anymore information on him because, well, I want to keep all the warm and fuzzy deliciousness to myself. He is not someone I met online and not someone I know nothing about.

So, forget all the lawyers in the world. Forget all the architects. Forget dating. Forget all the alphabetic code names.

Because right now, I am the happiest thirty year old woman in the whole wide world.


Chez Bez said...

Here's to being happy. Great post.

And a question. Did you ever overnight in Nashville and stay at the Marriott? I used to shuttle you guys to the hotel and back. The reason I am going to apply (when they start hiring again) is largely based on how cool your crews always were.

Have a great day!

Elisa said...

Yes, I've stayed at that Marriot several times. however, we now stay at a new place, and IMHO it sucks. The Marriott was waaay better.