Monday, August 19, 2013

Best Weekend

I had the best weekend I've had in a long time.
Even though Lewis worked 8 hours on Saturday and about 6 hours on Sunday.

Friday night, we had dinner as usual at one of our favorites, El Bracero.  We met a co-worker of Lewis' and her husband.  They boys behaved great and the staff is always so great to us.  Not to mention the food never disappoints.

Saturday, Lewis worked from about 8-4.  I ran errands with the kids and that afternoon we went to a friend's house to fellowship with a total of 5 couples.  That's 10 adults, with each couple having two kids, for a total of 20 people.

Of the 10 kids, 8 are boys, 2 are girls.  Ages range from 6 years down to 7 months.  Our hosts had two baby pool, a slip and slide, various riding toys, and assorted other toys in the backyard.  It was a kids paradise. There was also a babysitter who helped us keep an eye on the kids.

It was such a great time, with good food, good (adult) drinks, and fabulous friends.  The boys passed out right after baths and slept in a bit.

Sunday, Lewis went in to the office about 530 am (YES!) while the boys and I slept in and then went to bible class and church.  The boys and I had a quick lunch out and Lewis met us at home about 1230. Bishop took a brief nap and then we headed to Wonderland Park.

Lewis got some free tickets because his work was a corporate sponsor of a Duck Dynasty event being held there.  I'm not a duck dynasty fan, but I certainly am a fan of taking my kids to an amusement park.  Especially for free.

We waited in line for about an hour to get our picture taken with the Duck Dynasty "celebrities", Jeb and Jessica Robertson.  They were very strict on how long they would pose for pictures, and by pure luck we made it.  We were the third from the last people to get to take a picture.  They left about 50 people in line with no picture. :(

Afterwards, we had some ice cream as part of the "deal" and then it was time for the rides.

We really haven't exposed the boys to rides and the one time we took them to the local fair, Bishop was too small for anything and Britton was terrified.  However, today, Bishop was all about the rides. He loved them.  Britton wanted nothing to do with them...until he saw his brother having a good time.  Once he finally got over his fear, he wanted to ride all of them over and over again.

Their favorites were the Tilt A Whirl (Britton's face and laugh were priceless) and the pirate ship that just swings back and forth (Britton only.  Bishop was too short).

It was SO good to spend time together as a family and seeing the boys so giddy.

Afterwards, we grabbed some Jason's Deli and went to a local park to picnic for dinner with some church families.  It was a nice to talk in a casual setting and so great for the kids to all play together.

We came home exhausted, but with full and happy hearts.

I am bursting with love and gratitude for the blessing of my family and the quality time we spent together. Adding friends to the mix makes it even sweeter.  Thank you, Lord!

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