Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best Friends of Two Kinds

I drove to Anson to pick up the boys and stayed the weekend.

My mom performed a miracle and weaned Bishop of his "tetee" (pacifier).  She told him the dog took it.  He whines a little bit for it, but almost a week since having it, he's realizing it's not coming back.

I'm going to miss (but not miss!) his pacifier smile. It's been his "best friend" since he was an infant.

And speaking of best friends, the boys had an exchange that just about melted my heart.

They had just had their bath and were dressed in pajamas. Bishop ran up to Britton to kiss and hig him goodnight.

Britton took him into a big hug and said. "I love you, Bishop.  We're best friends, right?".
And Bishop responded, "Right!".

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