Friday, May 10, 2013


Britton has been asking for a "skateboard" for a while now.  He would make a motion with his leg like he was kicking back dirt.  There was no way I was going to get him one because I knew it'd end up with a bump on the head.  Lucky for him, he finally mentioned "handles" on it, so I figured out he meant he wanted a scooter.  Lucky for him, his Uncle Ricky and Aunt Michelle has gotten the boys a giftcard to Toys R Us for their birthday, so I decided to look there.  

I did some research online to see what type scooter was available at TRU.  Then I did research to see how well those brands were reviewed.  Luckily, there was one brand that got rave reviews on Amazon.  Even luckier, that brand was on sale at TRU and in stock.  And to add more proof that this scooter was Britton's fate, I had a small store credit to TRU.  It cost me about $5 to walk out the door with it.  Pretty good considering it was a $60 scooter. This is the scooter we went with.

I do realize that the giftcard was for both boys.  I also realize that Bishop can't use it...YET.  Trust me, he wants to. :)  But I know when Britton transitions to a bike, Bishop will be there waiting to inherit the scooter.

Britton was quite unsteady on it when he first tried it out.  In 30 minutes, he had improved immensely.  By the next day, he was even better.  I have a feeling we will get lots of use out of it this summer.

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erin said...

he is good!