Sunday, May 05, 2013


I'm so glad these boys have each other.  They are very much at the age where they are each others playmate and also protector.

We were at Chik Fil A one evening for dinner. I don't let the kids play until they've eaten a good amount.  Both kids know this and ate well.  I cleaned them up and I followed them into the play area to make sure they had taken their shoes off and all of a sudden Bishop comes towards me crying a "my feelings are hurt" cry.  A little boy of about age 3 had told him to get away from him and that he couldn't play in a certain area.

I opened my arms to Bishop and loudly said to the room that it wasn't nice to hurt other's feelings and that the play area was for ALL kids.  I picked up Bishop and went back to sit down.  A lady asked me who made him cry and I described the boy.  It was her son.  She went and retrieved him and grudgingly made him apologize.  By then, Bishop was in a better mood and went to join Britton in playing.

I took Bishop to the entry of the play area and told Britton to take care of his brother.  A few minutes later, I'm watching through the window and I see the same 3 yr old boy pointing his finger in Bishop's face and yelling at him.  I get up to take care of Bishop and when I open the door, Britton has beat me to it and I hear "Don't be mean to my brother!".  I was SO proud of him for defending Bishop.  That kid may have been bigger than Bishop, but Britton was bigger than that kid.  The kid stepped away and didn't bother Bishop anymore.  I just told Britton I was proud of him and went back to watching through the window.

A few minutes later, Britton comes out and wants me to help lift up Bishop to the next "level" of the play area.  I told him I couldn't go it and he should figure out how to help his brother.  He ran back in and attempted to pick up Bishop by his feet.  Which obviously didn't work.  And then he tried pulling him up by his arms.  Which didn't work either.  He finally figured out to lift him by wrapping his arms around his knees. The look on Bishop's face when he had access to the top level was priceless.  His big brother made it possible.  I tell them all the time that "brothers are brothers forever"...and that they need to look out for each other.

Not to say that these brothers don't argue and fight.  Because they do!  But I also know they love each other.  I've started asking Britton how he "shows" his love for Bishop because I think thinking about the action that shows love shows Britton it's not enough to just SAY it. Britton will answer the question by saying, "I hug him". "I share with him".  "I push him on the swing".  

The boys wanted waterguns.  I didn't want to keep refilling them.  A bright idea struck me to use spray bottles. PRESTO!  Water "guns" that don't need refills as often!

Britton and Lewis were sitting on the couch.  When Bishop saw that, he immediately ran over and scooted himself onto Lewis' lap.

In Britton's bed before bedtime.

Our babysitter.  The boys LOVE her.  And I'm pretty sure she is smitten by them.  

Running around like crazies.

Britton bossing Bishop to do all the work

Easter eggs.

Little Monkeys



erin said...

britton is a great big brother! i love them!

erin said...

britton is a great big brother! i love them!