Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things Britton Says

This kid says some of the funniest things:

In a public bathroom: The toilet flushed automatically.  
So he asked, "Are these the kind that flush "auto-magically?".  

Trying to put together a toy: "Mom, let me look at the directions".  (oh my, he got that from his father).

Crying because we had to leave the park: "Mom!  When I'm a grown up, I'm not going to live with you!"  I had to suppress a laugh and tell him that I certainly hoped not!

I asked him to take 3 things to his room.  He held one in each hand and threw the other one over his head.  He then very matter-of-factly informed me: "Mom, when you don't have three hands (because you may someday not have 3 hands!), you have to use your head."  This made me laugh because it was a double entendre.  He literally used his head AND he used his head/brain to figure out a solution!

He was sitting on the couch and Lewis laid down and put his head in Britton's lap.  Britton began to run his fingers through Lewis' hair.  He then suddenly said, "Dad!  Your hair is falling down!".  By which he meant, Lewis' hairline is receding and from his angle, it was "falling down". 

We went to pick up my MIL to take her to pick up her vehicle from the repair shop.  We were in my Camry.  As we are driving, Britton asks where we are going and what we are doing.  When I told him we were taking his Grammie to go pick up her car, he said, "But where will Grammie's car fit?"  Our car is too small!".  

And this isn't something funny that Britton said, but more so something that I never thought would cross my lips:  We were driving along and Britton tells me he has a booger.  I know he wants a tissue to wipe it on, but 1) I don't have one, and 2) I'm driving.  So I find myself uttering the words: You shouldn't take out your booger unless you already know where you're going to put it".  :/

He looked so relaxed while watching TV that I had to snap a picture.

So in awe of the loader at Sam's, that he didn't even notice I was walking away.

I love the look of pure happiness on his face.

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erin said...

i literally laughed out loud at every single thing he said! and he is so cute looking at the front loader!

he is definitely ALL boy!