Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mama's Boys

Lewis went to the ranch today.  I took Britton to a birthday party.  Bishop stayed with Grammie.

So it was just me and the boys for the late afternoon and evening.  I was very feeling lazy and unmotivated so I decided to check out the CARS MOVIE from the library (ours freezes at the same place on the DVD every time we attempt to watch it), picked up some pizza, and watched TV.

It was fun. :)  The boys had a good time and Bishop even sat still for about a good hour.  After that, both boys were up and down, but they were playing together.  They built a fort with the throw blanket, chased each other, and even jumped on the couch cushions a bit.  But I had to put a stop to that since concrete floors are not very "jump" friendly.

Several times throughout the evening, I found myself smiling and thanking God for letting me be these boys mama.  Their little shrieks of laughter, hugs, and general excitement made me want to bottle it all up for when they are older and won't spend Saturday nights with me.  I also thought to myself that these boys are no longer babies.  They are little people with their own personalities and wants and everything else. That is bittersweet, also so thrilling.

And I cannot wait to have more good times with them. To tickle them, to drag them around on blankets, to take trips with them and see things from their perspective, to hold them in my lap when they are tired, for them to lay their head in my lap as they lay on the couch (that happened tonight:  Bishop in my lap and Britton laying down with his head on my leg).

Both boys each hold one of my hands when we are out and walking.  They automatically reach up and search for it.  As much as they can drive me crazy, holding on to those little hands, knowing that they are safe when connected to me, makes me swell with love to know that they are mine.  All mine.  For now.

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