Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Britton's 1st Field Trip

Britton's preschool class takes 2 field trips a year.  The fall trip was to a local "pumpkin patch".  I use those words loosely, as it was really some hay and pumpkins thrown together in a grocery store parking lot.

Regardless, he had fun being with his classmates in a non-school setting.  I also had the opportunity to see what life would be like if I had a daughter Britton's age.  I was intrigued by how quiet and still the girls behaved.  Nothing like the rambunctious boys who didn't sit still for the "pumpkin" storytelling and who wanted to climb into pumpkin boxes, and throw mini pumpkins and loose hay at each other. The girls also willingly posed for pictures, whereas the boys were fidgety. Very interesting. :)

We spent about an hour at the "pumpkin patch" and the kids got to choose a mini pumpkin to take home, and a bit bigger one to paint at school.  I picked up Britton's painted one the other day.  Let's just say this kid likes all the colors of the rainbow.  His pumpkin was a dark brown from all the colors he had mixed together.  And it was peeling from the thick layers of paint he coated it in. :)  

When we left, it was about 1045, so I took Britton back to school.  
Mami still needs some kid free time to run errands and such! 

Britton said he wanted to go back to the "pumpkin patch". And we did.  But this time, we went to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm.  Blog post on that coming soon!

This is Britton's "new" best friend.  Her name is Reagan.  I have not heard her say a single word in the 6-7 weeks since preschool began.  But Britton talks about her all the time. I picked him up from preschool one afternoon, and he and Reagan were the only ones left in the classroom.  Britton runs up to me and tells me that "Reagan let me tickle her toes".  At which point, I noticed Reagan's feet were bare.  This would normally be just odd, but since Britton is the type of child who is a fan of pedicures and always notices nice "toes", it made me laugh...and be somewhat fearful that my son may grow up to be one of those with a foot fetish. :)  It hasn't happened again, and I've noticed all children have shoes on when class is over. ;)


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