Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bishop 18 mo

It is insane how quickly time passes!  My baby is one and a half years old!

Stats from his 18 mo appt:
35.5 inches.  28.2 lbs

Bishop is in a size 7 shoe.  A size 4 diaper.  24 mo clothes.

He sleeps from abour 745pm to 715am.  One nap a day at 1pm and last anywhere from 1.5-3 hrs.

He is doing great at MDO and no longer has (as bad) separation anxiety.  He runs full speed to Lewis when he comes home from work, and he loves snuggling in your lap. His eating has tapered off a bit and he is being a bit pickier, but still drinks milk like a champ. We dropped the bottles at 14 months.  I hope to wean from the pacifier soon. :)

His blue blanky is always close by.  I have sewn about 13 of those things so we are never without a clean one.  Bishop loves to play with his big brother, but also get his feelings hurt easily.

Bishop isn't saying many words, but he sure does repeat a lot of them.  He also knows the sign for "more" and climbs up into the "tower" when he wants a snack.


Karol Franco said...

Haha! That last photo cracks me up!

erin said...

why is he crying?