Thursday, September 06, 2012

Labor Day Weekend in Anson

We have gone to Anson the last 3 Labor Day weekends.  
Why? Opening weekend of Dove season!

Sadly, I have but one picture of a dove.  I'm sure if I went along with Lewis, I'd have more.  But since I stay at the house, I have pictures of the kids.  And my kids are cuter than dove any day.  :)

It was hot, but the boys LOVE being at Meemaw's and Paca's house.  The water at bathtime was filthy, they slept hard, and by the end of the weekend, Britton was running barefoot over the rocks. He found me lots of "pretty rocks", played in the dirt, made mud, "worked" with Paca, and took trips to get scratch off tickets.

Both boys did excellent in the truck on the drive there and on the drive back.  We are glad to be home but we weren't even out of the city of Anson when Britton already asked when we could go back!  And he also wants to turn 5 as soon as possible because his daddy told him when he is five, he can go with him and retrieve birds.  He reminds us of this constantly.  So much so, that he wants to skip turning "4". 

With Meemaw and Paca

Saying "Ahhhhhhhhh" after every.single.drink of his smoothie

Too hot for even a bathing suit.  Plus, it's going to get wet anyway!

Anyone up for a game of basketball?

My parents bought this used Gator for Britton before Bishop was born.  I didn't think he'd be able to use it until he was closer to 3.  But nope, he has driven it since they got it and is now quite a good driver!  He loves to haul things on it and drive it all over the spacious lot.  They are looking for another for Bishop since it's only a matter of time until he realizes that he can do more than just be a content passenger.

(Please forgive this balnk space.  I tried for over 10 minutes to get rid of it!)

Working hard with the pliers!!

Posing with Paca!

The only picture with an actual dove in it! And Britton said, "It's dead!".

My handsome handsome handsome boy!

Bishop dancing with Meemaw!

Swinging!  I love how Britton's tongue is sticking out!


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great pictures! they are SO handsome!