Thursday, September 20, 2012


I will start off by saying I love this boy more than life itself.  But as Britton says, "let me tell you something"...

Age 3 is HARD.  For me and for him.  Do not let that sweet innocent face deceive you.  He can go from happy to sad in less than 3 seconds.  It can be because he wanted to drink from the green cup rather than the blue one.  Or because he wants to play with my phone and isn't allowed to.  Or because he realizes at 6pm that he actually wanted pancakes for breakfast instead of toast.  Or because he remembers something from 3 days ago that he forgot to take advantage of. 

Sass is also a big thing right now we are working on.  Talking back has produced many tears, both his and mine.  I am at my wits end some days and feel like I am failing at this mothering thing.  It is a very humbling thing to see your faults and weaknesses shining through when your preschooler shows you what he sees.  I pray each night to be a better example and have more patience and wisdom.

But then again, this boy says some of the funniest things.  

Here is the latest:

Lewis didn't fully shave on Sunday. He left what would have eventually turned into a goatee. 
Britton touched his face and said "you have a mustache". (he pronounces it moosh-stache)
Lewis said, "well, a little bit of one". 
Britton said, "it's a moosh". 
Lewis asked, "is that a little mustache"? 
Britton said "yes, you have a moosh". 

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