Saturday, September 29, 2012


This kid is growing so fast!  He has learned so many new things and has been moved up to the 18-24 month class at MDO.  It's been good for him.  His teachers aren't as good as his previous ones, but I'm hoping it's just until they get in the groove, as it's both of their first years doing it.

This was at Blue Sky. He is (still) not a fan of sand.

At the library before Laugh and Learn.  He "sits" much longer to color than Britton ever did.  He also actually "colors", rather then eating the crayons.

I worked last week and the sitter took this picture and texted it to me.

This was on a Saturday morning.  As you can tell, he has his two most prized possessions on him:  the pacifier and his blanky.  I really really really see Lewis in him in this one.

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