Friday, August 10, 2012


I took the boys to get haircuts recently.  
I used to just take Britton to a barber that charges $7 a cut.  But he's more of a "chopper" now that I can look back at old pictures of Britton.  I can't believe I let the guy cut his hair so short!  But I'm also not keen on dropping $15-$20 on a haircut for a child.  So enter my Bunco friend, Courtney.  She charges a fair price and does great with the kids.  I know nothing of boys haircuts, but Courtney helps me figure out what looks good even though both boys have cow licks all over the place.

Britton is a pro in the chair.  I think he has cried maybe once ever since he's started to get haircuts. And it wasn't even a "cry", but more like a sad whimper.

He loves looking in the mirror and seeing himself.  He is such a little charmer.

Bishop is usually great in the chair.  Until the actual cutting begins.  But it's nothing that a lollipop won't fix. :)

For the record, Bishop's hair is MUCH lighter than Britton's and much finer.

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