Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

One of my sisters "renewed" her vows this past Friday, so not only did we attend her wedding, we also planned on visiting my BFF from college since we would be in her neck of the woods. 

We flew down to San Antonio excruciatingly early (615am flight!) and drove to a beautiful ranch in Burnet, TX.  The morning started with a 415 alarm and a return trip to our house on the way to the airport because I forgot the kid's life jackets.  And then once we got to the airport, we had a parking issue.  Nevertheless, we made it on the airplane (free, but standby!) and it's a good thing we were on that early flight.  

These two pictures show the two different feelings we had that morning.  

Britton CALMLY waiting for his Daddy to show up with the rental car.

And Bishop throwing a fit (which is what I wanted to do when I got a text from our babysitter that she was sick and wouldn't be able to watch Bishop).  It was all resolved and things turned much better once we got into some air conditioning. :)

Once we got to San Antonio, Lewis wanted to go by a Cabela's or Bass Pro.  Since Stephanie's house is right near a Bass Pro, we not only shopped, but we got to have an impromptu lunch with Steph and her family.  We made it to the ranch in plenty of time to say hello to our familes and get settled into our cabin.  And even though our first sitter bailed, the backup sitter was great.  Bishop went to bed with no problems.
The wedding was nice and the venue was lovely.  Here are some pictures of the event, taken by my talented Sister In Law, Michelle.

My beautiful sister and her husband.


There was a small pond at the ranch, and Britton caught his first fish!

The next day, we went to a lakehouse.

 We hadn't seen my brother in about a year and it was nice to see him with my kids.  

I promise my brother didn't do anything to him!

The lakehouse also had a pool and it.  Britton was quite brave with his life jacket on.

Out of order, but Britton liked the "tractors" at Bass Pro.

We left for Stephanie's house on Saturday evening.  We got there about 9pm. I was shocked the boys didn't have meltdowns.  They were too busy playing and went to bed the lastest they have EVER gone to bed.  It was about 1030pm.

We spent Sunday at the house, just visiting and letting the kids play.  It was nice to just relax and do nothing and catch up.  It is so strange to think that it's been almost 15 years since Steph and I graduated from ACU.

Her boys are almost 5 and almost 7, and her little girl is right between Britton and Bishop.  It's a good range and they all had a blast playing together.  Britton was quite sad when it was time to leave and did not want to leave.  He still asks to "go to Luke and Lawson's house"!

It is SO good to be home.  We were very fortunate to get on the flights we planned on.

Overall, it was a fun weekend seeing family and friends, and celebrating my sister and Kurt. 

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