Monday, May 14, 2012

San Antonio

The boys and I took a quick last minute trip to San Antonio for Mother's Day weekend.  It was Bishop's first time to fly and it was the first time Britton really knew what was going on.

To say Britton loved the whole experience is an understatement.  He couldn't stop looking around in wonder, asking question after question, and stating so many observations.  The trip down there was pretty uneventful except that it was raining the morning we left Amarillo and we got soaked hauling everything from out car to the terminal.  Then once we got to Dallas, we were bumped from two flights until we got to go on the third one.  The boys were really well behaved.  

We stayed with my sister, Karol, and my parents were also in town visiting.  We mainly stayed at the house, but we did get in a trip to the park, the boys first time to Chuck E Cheese, and some shopping done.

I love how Britton is holding onto Bishop's hand. :)

Special Delivery!

At the park

Soaked in the backyard

On the way back home, we caught both flights we wanted to get on.  But the boys were not as tolerant as they were on the way down.  Regardless, it was nice to be home!

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april said...

hmmm...did daddy have something to do with britton being soaked in the back yard?