Monday, May 07, 2012

Quick weekend in Anson

We were supposed to leave on Friday. But Bishop woke up with pink eye that morning, as well as a very snotty and congested nose. He has been on an antibiotic last week, but I took him off it after 4 days because of the horrific diarrhea/diaper rash it was giving him.

So I took him to the doctor instead. He got a shot and some eye drops. The nurse said he'd be fine to travel on Saturday but I decided to wait and see how he was on Saturday morning.

And he was much better. So we left after breakfast.

It was only me and the boys and I was dreading the drive. But they both did really well on the drive down there. Not so much on the drive back on Monday But we did it and we survived. However, I did tell Lewis we needed to invest in a DVD player for the car.

Here are some pics from this weekend. Im blogging from my phone so I don't have any idea what order they will be in.  The ones of Bishop in the back seat and the one of my eyes in the rear view mirror were taken by Britton.

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