Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things Britton says...

Upon seeing that Bishop had puked in his crib: "Mami! There's hotdogs in Bishop's crib!".

Upon he himself puking on his bed: "I burped in my bed".

Upon Bishop passing gas: "Bishop, you fart like daddy!".

Upon me asking him who his daddy is: "Him!" while pointing to Lewis.

Britton has been asking for his Daddy a whole lot more than usual. I'm guessing this stems from Lewis being out of town for several days. He often tells me "I want my daddy". And so I tell him he's at work. So Britton asks me to "call him". And I ask what he wants Daddy to do. Britton, 100% of the time, says, "I want him to give me a hug. ".

I caught him hugging Bishop the other day. That in itself is not uncommon. But what I wasn't expecting to hear was Britton telling Bishop, "I wuv you so so much, Bishop".

As we are driving home from school, Britton asked me "Mami, am I a big boy?".  I said yes.  So then he says, "I want to drive your car!".  I don't know where this kid gets these ideas!

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april said...

he is so funny! and sweet!