Friday, March 30, 2012

Britton is 3!

It is incredible to me that I have a three year old son.  It feels like just yesterday he was born and I was all thumbs on figuring out how to take care of a baby.  My life had suddenly done a 180 and I hadn't had a clue life would change so quickly.  Now?  I can change a diaper while talking on the phone and wiping another kid's nose. :)  

I cannot imagine life without this wonderful little boy. He is so smart and amazes me with all he knows.  He speaks in full sentences.  He remembers everything, even obscure stuff!  He can dress and undress himself, including socks and shoes.  He is not yet potty trained, but soon! He can count to 20+ and knows all his colors.  He can sing his ABCs and recognizes all the letters, both uppercase and lowercase.  Britton LOVES to sing and knows a variety of songs, mainly Sunday School songs. He loves to ask questions and loves to say "Watch this!  Look at me!".

He wears a size 8 shoe, 2T or 3T in shirts and pants, depending on the brand.  He wears a size 5 diaper.  At this 3 year well check, he was 31 lbs and 7 oz.  His height was 38.25 inches.  His head circumference was 19.75 inches (50.25 cm).  They also took his blood pressure and it was 94/62.  I was able to say "yes" to all the questions they asked about his skills, except for the potty training one.  And I'm not in a super big rush.  I'm sure it will click once we get serious about it.  Which will be before the fall semester begins because Britton can't go to pre-school without being potty trained.

We just had a small family gathering, along with some family friends.  Britton's birthday landed on a Friday, so this evening, we grilled up some hamburgers will all the fixings, and had a nice time in the backyard and on the back patio.  

Birthday boy gets to go first!

 Getting ready to blow out his candles. He practiced a lot in the days leading up to his birthday.

He was so excited

 Loving being the center of attention.

Opening presents

 He was a pro at opening gifts and was very polite in remembering to loudly say THANK YOU!

 My boy!  He is also wearing the applique shirt I made for him.

He's okay with being fed a cupcake, he's not too much of a fan of getting his hand dirty. :)

Back when Lewis and I were dating, and he came up to visit me in STL, we used some Dave and Busters points to get this silly hat.  I think it'd be fun to start a birthday tradition of getting birthday pics with it on every year.

His gift from me and Lewis:  a balance bike with flames!

We love this kid so much!

Silly boy

I love his face in this one

Brown: Family of four


mindibz said...

Happy birthday, Britton!

april said...

love this post! and love all the pictures! happy birthday britton. tia april LOVES you!