Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 months (and Happy Heart Day)

New in 10 month news:  Bishop can crawl.  Not fast, not often, but he can do it.  He rolls around with speed, though.  The "pen" will soon make a emergence from the basement.  He can also get to a sitting position from a laying down position...when he wants to.  Bishop is pretty much off purees.  I have a few in the pantry for emergencies, but I'm not wanting to shell out an arm and leg for them, so he eats what we eat for the most part.  He loves cheese and mandarin oranges.  And crunchies.  He could eat hundreds of them at a time.  I can't believe in 2 months, my (last) baby will be ONE!

This face?  This is SUCH an "Elisa" face.  Even if I keep my mouth shut, my face usually gives me away.

Edit:  I asked Lewis to change Bishop's diaper when he got home from work.  I was busy cooking dinner.  Fast forward about 2 hours later...I'm undressing Bishop so I can put him in the tub.  Poor kid has no diaper on!  Lewis snapped the onesie and put on his pants and didn't realize there was no diaper on him.  HILARIOUS!

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mindibz said...

Love these pics! So handsome!