Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teeth and pictures

In other news this week:

Bishop cut his two bottom teeth!  He looks so funny when he smiles!  However, the last few days, there haven't been many smiles.  He is a cranky teether!  With Britton, I never knew he was teething.  He seemed fine and next thing I knew, there was a tooth.  That is SO not the case with Bishop. :)

Also, I found him rocking on all 4's today!  He was so proud of himself and loved us clapping for him!  Crawling should be just around the corner. 


At the Discovery Center with Koen and Deacon.  (Bishop and Deacon, get it?  LOL)

It was cold!  My babies were bundled up!

Visiting Lewis at his work (the "hospitible") where he "works for the money"!

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