Sunday, December 04, 2011

Things Britton says...

1) I be nice, Mami!  This is usually after I've told him umpteen times to be nice to Bishop.

2)  Let's do something fun!  Britton said to me, "Let's do something fun, Mami". I said, "Like what?", He said, "Washer clothes!". (He wants to "help me" put clothes and detergent in the washing machine aka as doing laundry). Who knew laundry was fun?!?

3)  Bless you! That's English! Salud! That's Spanish! 

4) Haircut candy (this is what he calls "tootsie rolls since that is the type of candy he gets when he goes to the barber.)

5)  I want a treat!  He says this all.the.time. He's even been known to WAKE UP and those are his first words. :)

6)  Where's Britton?  He says this when he wants you to play the "where's Britton? game.

7)  How are you, Mami/Daddy?  He says this SO cute!  And we are supposed to say "good".  And then we should ask him how he is, and he will smile and say "gooood". 

8)  Mami, you tired?  This started out as a game he played with Paca (my dad).  Long story short, he asked my dad if he was tired, and my dad (jokingly) barked, "NO!".  So now, Britton LOVES to ask anyone if they are "tired".  He thinks it's hilarious when you very sternly tell him NO!

I love this kid!!

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april said...

i love him!