Monday, December 12, 2011

Back at work...

...and loving it!

Well, by back to work, it means that not only am I back on "Active Status", (like I've been on since early November), but I actually FLEW something.  In my case, it was a 2 day trip to Providence, RI.  Warwick, if you want to be exact.

4 legs there ( DAL, SAT, BNA, BWI, PVD), 4 legs back (PVD, BWI, MCO, HOU, DAL).  It was really invigorating to put on the uniform that we all make so much fun of, but looking in the mirror made me feel like a bit of my former self. The "Elisa" who loves her job and is good at it.  And gets paid good money to do it.

Commuting is still yucky as ever, but it's an evil necessity living in Amarillo. At  least I have been lucky to get away with just commuting to Dallas, but from the looks of things, I may be in Chicago more often than not.

Once we were done with our day, there was a super duper nice hotel (Crowne Plaza), a comfy king size bed, no alarm, and room service for breakfast.  I read a book and laid in bed wallowing in my "I can do whatever I want until I have to lobby" time.

Smiles were abundant, patience was overflowing, and excellent service was rendered.  I had a small fear that I wouldn't remember what to do, but nope. It all came back easily.

I did miss the boys.  They were coming down with colds the day before I left but Lewis insisted I go and "get a break".  So I did.  My MIL and FIL kept them Wednesday at their house.  Our wonderful sitter, Jessi, kept the boys at our house on Thursday.  I sure wish the boys could always be watched at our house. It is a HUGE PAIN THE BEHIND to pack up every.single.item they need and haul it somewhere.  Not to mention, I have to get their clothes for each day laid out and labeled, and do the same for Bishop's food. I also like my boys to take their naps in their respective beds.  Bishop does not nap well at.all in the pack n play at my inlaw's house.  Plus, throw in arranging transportation for Britton's school and packing his backpack and lunch, and it almost seems easier to just stay at home.  But I won't.

In a stroke of luck, Lewis' best friend from college and his partner just bought a house literally 5 minutes from Love Field.  And they have graciously offered to let me stay there when I need a place.  Like if I need to commute up the night before a trip, or I get in too late to catch the last flight to Amarillo.  Normally, I'd have to get a hotel.  Now, they pick me up and give me a nice place to stay!  I love it!  I stayed with them Thursday night and Spencer dropped me off at the airport on his way to work in the AM.

I had arranged for my IL's to come over on Friday morning to keep the kids a few hours, to cover my getting home about 9am, and also to have someone here while Patty (the cleaning lady I don't think I've mentioned!) cleaned.


My flight could not land because of fog.  So it diverted to Lubbock.  And we sat there until a little after 1pm.  I didn't get into Amarillo until after 2pm.  It was awful and my inlaw's were stuck.  Luckily, Lewis relieved them at 3pm, and I went to shop the bi-annual 50% sale at Children's Exchange, which is what I had planned to do had I gotten in at the scheduled time.

I was exhausted by the time I got home.  But grateful to see my boys.

I'm looking forward to working more!  I just wish I had an on call Nanny for the boys!

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