Thursday, September 01, 2011

Conversations with Britton

A conversation between me and Britton.  It takes place in the car while parked at Sonic after our order has been delivered.

Me: "Here's your grilled cheese".

Britton: "No, I don't want it!".

Me:  "You don't want your grilled cheese? What do you want then".

Britton:  "Fries!  I want fries!". 

And he points to the bag.

But, alas, there are no fries.  Mami didn't order any.

This conversation made me smile because my boy is so smart.  He knows that fries usually are in the bag.  He knows what he wants. ;)


Yesterday, I happened to catch Britton right before he took a poop.  As a parent, you quickly come to recognize the signs of an impending poop.  Watery eyes, a pause in action, maybe a bit of bend to the knees, a set jaw, some grunting, perhaps a hand on some furniture to steady themselves... you just know what's about to happen.  So when I saw Britton exhibit these signs yesterday, I asked him, "Are you doing caca?".

(Caca is a Spanish word we use for poop, btw).

And Britton nodded yes.  So I got up and said, "Let's go do caca in the potty!" 

(FTR, I hate the word "potty" but that's the word they use at school, so I'll go with it if it means I don't have to wipe my kid's butt.).

So we get to the bathroom, I pull down his shorts, take off his diaper and set him on the seat.

And he pooped.  And then he said, "I'm done!".

But I wasn't quite convinced since I could see he still had some poop "dangling".  (And I cannot believe I am blogging about dangling poop!)  So I had him sit here a little longer, but yep, he was done.

So I picked him up off the seat and set him down so I could wipe his butt.  But as I set him down, he looked in the toilet and said, "That's nasty!".  And I answered, "Yes, it is!".

So I tried to wipe his butt but I don't think he likes it because he kept clenching his butt cheeks and I couldn't get him clean enough.  So I finally had to lay him down like I was changing his diaper and we got it all.

I hope this is the start of something good.

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april said...

the entire second portion of this blog post was disgusting.