Friday, September 30, 2011

Britton at 2.5 years


I cannot believe you are 2 and a half years old.  It seems like you just turned 2 a month or so ago!  The last six months have FLOWN by, no doubt helped along by your little brother's arrival.

Speaking of your baby brother, you love him so much.  You ask for him first thing in the morning, followed by "Mami?  I want waffle, drink, and Mick (Mickey) Mouse!".  You run to him when he's crying, you want to help feed him, burp him, change him, and you talk "baby talk" to him.  You also make him laugh.  He follows your every move.  My heart sings when I see you two boys together.  But you also had your first "non-sharing" moment with him.  Bishop lays on your bed alongside you while I get your dressed.  One morning, he happened to grab your "Hawsie" (Horsey aka Eeyore).  Bishop put  Hawsie in his mouth.  And you did not like it!  You said, "Mami!  Bishop bite Hawsie!".  And you took him away from Bishop and stuffed him into a corner of the bed far away from Bishop's clutches.  We must work on sharing, beautiful boy.  But you two will have so much fun in the coming months and years.  Bishop strains to look at you in the car.  He leans as forward as he can in his carseat and turns to look at you.  You oblige him with making silly sounds and the both of you laugh like hyenas.  I have to admit that is much better to listen to than when you are both wailing in the back seat.

What you have learned in 6 months AMAZES me.  Everyday, I am in awe of something you do.  Whether it is speaking in several word sentences and having a conversation with me, to you saying a complex word I have never heard you utter before, to your manners, or to you singing songs where I understand what song you are singing.  You can count in English and Spanish.  You can sing your ABC's.  You sing nursery rhymes. You currently love to count and sing as fast as you can.  If I ask you what time it is, you look at your wrist and tell me "thirteen".  You love playing with my iPhone and know who to work it.  However, due to a very sad thing you did to my phone, you no longer have unsupervised phone privileges.  You love watching YouTube videos, mainly of cartoons, songs, and other kids.  You know your colors.  You know all your body parts.  You can take off and put on your socks and shoes.  You try to get dressed yourself, but you eventually say "Help Mami!" and I am right there.  You love doing things for yourself.  In the morning, you open the freezer and get your waffle or pancakes.  I only hold the box or bag.  After getting them out, you insist on  putting them in the microwave or toaster yourself.  You like to get your own silverware and you like to twist the lids on your drinks.

You love to pretend "cook".  You have a play kitchen and you make all sorts of concoctions.  To you, they are waffles, pancakes, and popsicles.  Who knew that you could make popsicles on the stove? ;)  To anyone without kids, though, it would look like dirt, grass, and flower petals. But you mix it up with twigs and serve it out of a bowl and ask us to "taste it!  taste it!".  You are satisfied with a fake taste test and a enthusiastic "Mmmmmmm!!".

You are eating very well lately.  You've always been a very good eater, willing to try pretty much anything,  But your appetite is voracious lately.  You love mac-n-chz, hotdogs, chicken, cheese, fruit, asparagus, pizza, bean burritos, quesadillas, roast, corndogs, fries, corn, cucumbers, ranch, mustard, ketchup, fried okra (you could eat okra by the gallon!), fried shrimp, grilled cheese, carrots, stewed tomatoes, and the list goes on and on.  You especially love "cannee" (candy) and popsicles.

You have grown a couple of inches over the summer and will be in 3T pants.  But you are still a skinny little thing and are in 2T shirts.  I have to get you adjustable waist pants or they will fall off you.  You wear a size 8 shoe.  You are in size 5 diapers, but I think potty training is in the very near future. You are still a wonderful sleeper.  You went through a little regression when Bishop came home, but you are now back on track.  You get a bath about 8, and you sleep until 7:30am most mornings.  You nap from about 1-4 when you are at home.  You freely give me kisses now, and you especially love eye kisses, nose kisses, and fish kisses.

We are growing your hair out for the winter and you look so handsome.  You want to brush your hair with Daddy's brush in the morning.  You love to watch Daddy shave and pretend you are doing it as well.  You pretend to talk on the phone and go to work like he does.  You say " Daddy go to work for money!".  The night of President Obama's speech, I taught you to do a "thumbs down" sign and say "thumbs down Obama".  You repeated it over and over and sometimes during dinner you point at the TV, make the thumb down motion, and share your dislike of our president, since that is what was on TV when you learned that parlor trick.  Mami is already teaching you that socialism and big government is not for us.

You started another year of MDO.  Unfortunately, it has not gone as well as I had hoped.  But it's not your fault, mijo.  I just don't think the facility you are at is the place for you.  So we are moving you to another MDO program and I am sure you will thrive there.  The schedule is much more akin to what we follow at home and the teachers are much more experienced.

You love love love being with your Meemaw and Paca.  You ask about them almost daily.  In the afternoons, you ask to "Call Paca!  Call Meemaw", and you want to talk to them on the phone. You also have been going to your Grammie and Grandpa's house once and week and you are certainly enjoying it.  You call your Grandpa, "Dwayne", and he does not like it, but I think it's quite endearing.  I do not correct you very often.

You love to have your picture taken.  You even ask for it sometimes.  And then you look at it, and say, "That's a good one!".  You run and jump so well.  I love hearing your squeals of delight when you accomplish something.  You clap your hands, and do a little dance, and say, "Yay, Britton!".

I feel like I could write forever on what a wonderful boy you are.  Everyday, I am so blessed to have you.  I love you more than you will ever know, mijo.  Happy 2.5 years or 30 months.

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april said...

i LOVE him! i cant believe how big he is getting.