Sunday, July 17, 2011

My House

Lewis started building this house in 2004.  I say "started" because he still hasn't finished.  UGH.  But I'd say in the last 2 years, he's done a lot to it. But we still have lots to do.  And in the meantime, we have no "nice" furniture because he wants to wait until the house is done.  I CANNOT wait for that day.  Same goes for "decorating".  We have nothing on the walls.  The boys' rooms are the most "done".  We still need crown molding throughout the whole house.  We will repaint most of the walls. Wow, writing it down makes it really seem like we have SUCH a long way to go!

Also, the whole house is stained concrete.  It has it's pros and cons.  I'm ready for carpeting in the bedrooms, though. Flooring will be the last thing done to the house.

So here is a picture tour of our house.  The photos did not upload in the order I wanted them to, and since there are a zillion, I'm not moving them.  Remember, our house is not finished.  People who have come over have seriously asked me if we were "moving in" or "moving out".  

This is the laundry room.  I recently got cabinets on the walls.  You will see the same type of cabinet in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Lewis built them all.  Yes.  It took forever, but he "saved" money.  I am so glad to have cabinets.  It makes the house look more "real" and lived in.

This is the view you get when you are coming from the hallways where the boys' rooms, the guest bath, and the laundry room are located.  Those tall wooden things next to the TV Armoire?  Lewis plans on making those into an entertainment center.  When?  I don't know.

This is the view from the doorway of the guest bath.  It is done in a TEXAS theme.  More pics to come further below.

This is the view from the master bedroom looking into the master bath.

This is Lewis' closet.  I love our closets.  They are HUGE. There is hanging/storage space on three sides even though you only see one wall here.

My closet.  Looks sparse, but the majority of my clothes are on the other two walls.  They are separated by season.  And sadly, there are TONS of clothes in there that haven't been worn since I found out I was pregnant with Britton.  I cannot bear to get rid of them because I WILL fit back into them soon.

View of Lewis' vanity and the shower door.

View of my vanity, the hampers (need something above them!) and the jacuzzi tub.  Which used to get tons of use pre-children.  And now?  Not so much.

Toilet cubby in the master bath.  I have a cabinet, but no doors yet.

View inside our double shower.  I love the roominess of our shower.  But it's a pain in the butt to clean.

View from where the hampers sit.

View of the master bedroom coming from the master bath.  Notice the ugly light blocking panels?  I cannot wait to get our plantation shutters.  They should be here at the end of this week.    Also, just this weekend, Lewis started building window seats that will go on the large windows in each bedroom and be extra storage space.

A different view of the master bedroom.

The view from my side of the bed to our bedroom door.

View of the front entryway.

View from entryway into living area.  Yes, we still need a mantel, among other stuff.

Another view of the main living area.

The black cabinets (also built by Lewis) are above what will be an office space.  For now, it is a "play area".

View into my kitchen.  Trust me, the cabinets make it look SOOOOO much better than when there were NO cabinets.  And to be honest, I think Lewis did a great job on them, even though they took FOREVER.

View of the dining room.  I hate the dinky table we have.  I bought it when I lived in STL.  I do not recommend metal furniture, especially on the type of flooring we have.  It's LOUD.And yes, I know our walls are SO bare.

View into the half bath.  It's to the left of the dining area.

The view of the basement stairs..  The door to the basement is located between the half bath and the dining area.  I hope to one day make the basement a den.  Toys, TV, etc.  Right now, it's an impromptu guest room and storage area.

View of the main living area from the kitchen.  I have lots of counter space, and I love that feature.

The pantry. I LOVE my pantry.  It has TONS of room.

The range side of the kitchen.  And I only got the vent fan once he cabinets went up.  So I haven't had it very long.

Another view of the guest bath,

TEXAS shower curtain.

One wall of Britton's room.  He is the only one in the house to have actual curtains hanging from a real curtain rod.  But soon, very soon, we will all have plantation shutters!

Another wall in Britton's room.

This is looking into Bishop's room.

Another look at Bishop's room.  His curtains are left over from when his room was the guest room.  And they are not even real curtains. They are swag pieces that were on super duper clearance.  They matched the guest bedding so I bought them anyway and cut them.  They are hung with push pins.  Ghetto, I know.  But I seriously spent less than $20.

Another wall in Bishop's room.  Mirror is left over from "guest room" days.  Futon used to be in our living room until someone gave us their old couch.  But the futon has come in handy when one of the boys is sick and we sleep in the same room as them.

Another of Bishop's wall.

 Back to Britton's room.  This is the view from his doorway.

The wall where his bed is.  One day, there will be bunk beds on this wall.

And another wall in Britton's room.

So there you have it.  My house.  When I first moved in with Lewis, I thought the house was SO big.  We seriously never even ventured into the spare bedrooms or the guest bath.  Now?  I think we need a bigger house!  It's not done, but it's home.  ;)

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