Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's been so long since I've blogged that the boys are graduating.

Well, not quite that long, but it has been 5 weeks.  FIVE.  That's longer than Bishop was alive in my last blog post.

Every night I tell myself I will blog, but every night, I am SO tired and either 1) go straight to bed after putting Bishop to bed, or 2)  I catch up on my "internet stuff" and by the time I'm done, it's later than I want it to be so off to bed I go.

I think the best way to catch up with the last 5 weeks is in bullet form:

  • Bishop is in 3-6  clothes.  The kiddo has a LONG torso.
  • Britton started summer MDO.  THANK.  GOODNESS. ;)  When we drove up to his school yesterday, he said "Noooooooo" very sweetly.  Um, not happening kid.  You ARE going to MDO.
  • Bishop is sleeping really really really well at night. Like 7 hour stretches several days in a row.  And I may have just jinxed myself by going public with it.
  • Britton spent a week at my parents house.  He LOVES visiting them.  LOVES.
  • I think Bishop's long stretches at night are due to the new swaddling device I purchased.  It's called a Miracle Blanket, and I love it. It was pricey, but sleep has no price. ;) 
  • Britton is talking like crazy.  Stringing words together.  Having an opinion. It is SO awesome.  He likes to tell you to "sit down" when he wants to play with you.
  • I've also purchased some Woombies for Bishop.  Even though I love the Miracle Blanket, it can be a pain to swaddle him in it at 4am when I am half asleep.  The Woombie is all zipper!
  • My sister Karol is here for a week and has been such a HUGE help. 
  • Britton got a membership to the Discovery Center for his birthday and he LOVES going there. 
  • We all went to Anson to celebrate my dad's birthday this past weekend.  I was nice to introduce Bishop to the rest of my family (minus Ricky!) and of course Britton loves the extra attention.
  • I have been cleared by my OB to do normal stuff.  So I can once again pick Britton up.  But oh my gosh, the kid is HEAVY!  Especially compared to Bishop.  But Bishop is no lightweight either.  I took him in to the pediatrician at 5 weeks for a sick visit and he was already at 11.5 lbs.
  • My weight is slowing going down.  I weigh myself every morning and for the last three mornings, it has read the same.  So I guess that means I need to change something to get it going down again.
  • Bishop is starting to get on a schedule.  He wakes up at or a little before 8am.  He eats, he's awake until about 9:30.  Naps till 11 or 11:30.  Eats again.  Stays awake for about1-1.5 hrs.  Naps again.  Wakes up.  Eats.  Stays awake.  Takes a teeny nap (sometimes) in the evenings.  I try to make his last bottle around 8pm, but sometimes the kid screams like he's starving so he may end up eating every two house after 4pm.  Last night he consumed 13 ounces ina 4 hour span.  But then he slept well.  So no complaints from me.  The morning "schedule" is a lot more "visible" to me than the afternoon one so far.  He is also getting to a point where he does not nap well in the carseat.  I can tell we are approaching the "I am tied down to the house" phase for his naps in the crib.  Ugh.
I guess that's it but I'm seriously tired.  I can barely remember what happened last week, much less 5 weeks ago.

I know I need to put up pics.  Maybe tonight. ;)

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