Wednesday, April 13, 2011

By this weekend...

Bishop will be here.  YAY!

Today, I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  

Yesterday was mine and Lewis' 3rd anniversary.  We went out to eat at Macaroni Joe's which is where we had our "reception" after our wedding.  My inlaws kept Britton at our house. I had contractions through the whole meal.  I have a contraction app on my iPhone that was on the table the whole time, timing my contractions. LOL.

I've been feeling like this baby is coming any day. Last night, my contractions were one minute long, and 5 mintues apart. I was SURE we would go in. I had also been losing mucous, too, so I was hopeful. (EDIT:  About 15 minutes after I posted this, I lost what is called the MUCOUS PLUG.  I don't suggest GOOGLING it. Another sign this kiddo is ready to come!)  About 10 pm, the contractions started getting further apart. They literally took my breath away. I never had them like that with Britton until I was on the pitocin. 

I also had an appt today. I am only 2cm and 50%. Which is more than I ever got on my own with Britton.

We are going forward with the induction on Friday morning. If he is born on the 15th, it will make Bishop 2 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days younger than B. Weird huh? But "cool" weird!

I know most people poo poo an induction, but I'm feeling pretty positive about it.

1) My water is not broken, like it was with Britton, so I am not under a timeline.
2) I am dilated more than I was with Britton.
3) and I didn't need a csection with B so I feel like I am capable of avoiding one.

If I need one, so be it, but I'm focusing on doing this on my own. If I go on my own tonight, even bettter!

Regardless, I am so super excited about meeting Bishop! 

Here is a pic of my handsome boy! 

This was taken at Guad's house with my iPhone.  Love it!

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