Sunday, March 27, 2011

37 weeks

The two loves of my life.  And soon, a third will join them.

Bishop has been stretching like a yoga master lately.  Makes me think he's just going to bust out of my belly button. ;)  I went to the OB on Friday.  No dilation, but I am thinning out.  She thinks it's still at least a week away.  I am okay with that since this coming week will be CRAZY.  Lots going on, most importantly, Britton's birthday is Wednesday.  My baby will be two.  TWO!  How the heck did that happen?  Also, the JBF consignment sale starts on Thursday.  The only way I will not be attending is if I am at the hospital.  If that happens, I will send Lewis to it.  And a friend volunteered to go for me, too.  But "I" want to go.  I am counting on this sale for the majority of Britton's summer wardrobe.

He is talking up a storm now.  Not all comprehendable, but he just talks and talks.  We went to Lewis' Credit Union Annual Meeting on Saturday and he kept our table quite entertained.  When they did voting, and they all raised their hands and said, AYE, he did too.  It was hilarious.  My dad taught him the sign for "ugly" (don't ask me why!) and he kept doing it to the little old lady sitting in front of us.  I was mortified, but thankfully she did not know what it meant.  He also like to mimic by dad scratching off lottery tickets.  Oh boy.

Britton's favorite song lately is "Row Row Row Your Boat".  He can even sing a little bit of it, too.  Que cute.  LOL.  It sounds like "woe woe woe". 

37 weeks pregnant with Bishop. I feel much much much bigger than this picture shows.

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april said...

cant wait for baby bishop to come! what bathroom are you in?

kfranco said...

Lewis' Credit Union, huh? Never hear of that one. I wish I had a credit union named after me ; )
I can't wait to see Britton again. I wish I was there to laugh and play with him. I'll be up there soon!