Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip to San Antonio

Britton and I took a quick trip to San Antonio last week to visit my friend Stephanie and her 3 kids.  Steph and I became friends at ACU where we were both on the cross country and track teams.

Her kids are Luke (5), Lawson (3), and Leighton (9mo). 

Britton had a BLAST.  He loved playing with his new friends.  They have a trampoline that he LOVED and he was quite adventurous on their slide/swingset.  The boys were GOGOGO the whole time. Luke was a huge help because he looked out for the younger ones. 

He came up to me one afternoon and said, "Miss Elisa, Britton is at the bathroom sink turning the water off and on". 

So I told him to tell Britton to stop it. 

Luke leaves and then comes back and reports, "Miss Elisa, I told Britton you said to stop, but he didn't listen!".  It was so funny.

April came over one night and joined us for dinner.  It was nice to see her since we haven't seen her since Halloween!  I think she got a good dose of "birth control" while she was there.  Britton slept in the king size guest bed with me because he is getting too bog for the pack and play. He slept well.  Me?  Not so much.  The kiddo makes so much noise and moves SO much.  Yes, even in a KING size bed!

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april said...

love the pictures with all the boys! and yeah...thats birth control for anybody!