Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BB 2.0 Boy or Girl?????

It's a BOY!!!

The name we have chosen (so far) is Bishop Aidan Brown.  I doubt we change our minds.

"Bishop" because we like it. 
"Aidan" because my mom's name is Aida.  I'm not too keen on the immense popularity of the name "Aidan" but I can deal with it, since it going to be used as a middle name.

Britton has "Arrington" from Lewis' side of the family as his middle name and I wanted this child to have a name from my side of the family.

I am THRILLED to be a "boy" mom and that the boys will be so close in age.  I hope and pray they are great friends.

You can definitely tell it's a boy. ;)

His hands up by his head.  Deep in thought.

Hands up by his head once again.

And another.

This is the side view of the baby.  You can also see his "boy parts" in this one. ;)

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