Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A plane trip, Sea World, visiting family and friends

Britton and I took an impromptu trip to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago.  We stayed with my sister Karol.  My sister April graciously gave up her room for me and Britton.

We had such a good time.  It was fun for me to see my sisters interact with Britton at this new age.

Britton is definitely trying to talk.  If I say DUCK, he says DUT.  He also says DAD all the time.  Lewis still thinks he's just babbling incoherent things. 

He is into EVERYTHING.  And he definitely voices his displeasure if he does not like something.

I love this picture.  I know you can't see his face, but I just love it.

And he looks SO happy in this one.  Our backyard slopes downhill and is pretty steep.  Sometimes Britton gets going so fast that he tumbles head over heels.

I think he look so "Franco" in this one.

Hmmmm, looks like a loose picket.

Here, let me make sure it's really loose.

And another favorite of mine.  I love the way the sunlight was captured.

Reading on the plane on the way to San Antonio.  We used the CARES Harness for the first time.  It is so much better than lugging the carseat onboard.  It also is much more comfortable than having him sit on my lap.

With Tia Karol at Sea World.  We only did the water park area.  We did not go through the "traditional" Sea World attractions.

We visited my friend Stephanie. This is the playmat that Britton used when he was a baby.  He is so huge on it now!
Britton with Lawson, Luke, and Leighton.  I love the looks on all their faces.

Luke pushing Britton.  He loved that toy!

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