Friday, May 14, 2010

What can Britton do?

I'm kinda lost for a "schedule" here since I am not doing the weekly thing like I was for Britton's first year.

So today, I have no pictures, but I do have a list of new things Britton is doing.

1) He can clap!  And if you sing "PattyCake" he claps along.  He loves that song!
2)  He is pointing with one finger.  He used to point with two.
3)  He laughs all the time.  I was shaking the broom out the other day and he cracked up.  And today it rained on us as we walked to the truck and he kept looking up at the sky and laughing.
4)  He stands by himself VERY well.  He can squat up and down.
5)  He knows how to crawl on and over things.
6)  If he has something he isn't supposed to have, and you call him on it, he flings it away and looks at you like "what?  I'm not doing anything?"
7)  He is babbling SO much!  He says "nuh nuh nuh" all the time.
8)  He rarely cries when we put him to bed now.  It took about a week of tortuous listening to him cry, but now, it is AMAZING!
9)  He like to take things in and out of stuff, and he likes to bang a wooden spoon on a stainless steel bowl.
10) and for the big finale:  MY BABY TOOK 4 UNASSISTED steps today!  And several single ones at different times.

***spell check completed***

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