Thursday, May 06, 2010


So we went to San Antonio.  It was not quite the vacation I was expecting.  Granted, it was a work conference for Lewis, and I knew that was the priority.  But I had accompanied him to Las Vegas for a similar trip right after we were married and we had a blast.  This time, however, there was a baby involved.

The hotel was very nice.  However, next time we travel, we will be getting some sort of suite.  All three of us sharing a room as not fun.  Basically, once Britton went to sleep, we couldn't watch TV or talk or have a light on or anything.  Lewis was out netwokring and doing his work thing and I'm the one who got to stay behind with Britton. 

We would walk around downtown in the morning and then go back to the room for naptime, and then explore some more.  We visited the Alamo, and did some shopping.  We also got to see my sisters (and have dinner with them!) and my parents came up for the weekend.

My best friend from college also lives there and she gave birth to her third child while wer were there.  She has two boys and did not find out the sex of the third.  AND IT WAS A GIRL!  Britton and I visited her after she came home from the hospital.

While in San Antonio, Britton seems to have had a sleep regression.  He would not sleep in the pack-n-play the hotel provided.  He wanted to be held while sleeping.  As a last resort, we brought him onto the king size bed with us.  He did sleep then, but that is NOT a habit we want to get into.  Now that we are home, he is still having sleep issues.  We have been using the sleep techniques of Dr. Richard Ferber.  We are currently on night 3. 

The first night he screamed for 31 minutes and then slept all night.  The 2nd night he screamed for 44 minutes and then awoke at 0240 and screamed for another hour.  Tonight, he screamed for 24 minutes.

I really hope this ends soon and he learns it is okay to be alone and that it is time to sleep.

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