Monday, March 01, 2010

11 months / 48 weeks

I cannot believe that my baby boy is 1 month away from being ONE YEAR OLD.  Where has the time gone?!?  We will be doing a very small birthday party, with only my immediate family and Lewis' immediate family.  I would rather save the big hoopla birthday bash for when Britton is older and understands what is going on.  As far as I know, we are just doing pizza, cake, and ice cream.  Frogs will be the "theme" of the day.  His actual birthtday is on a Tuesday, and we will spend it as a little family of three.

My parents came up this past weekend.  They had not seen Britton since mid-December.  And they hadn't been up here since Halloween.  So they were very excited to get to spend time with Britton. 

Britton also has his baby dedication at our church this past Sunday.  Basically, they introduce the babies born in 2009 and offer up a prayer for them to grow up in a Christian setting and example.

Britton is pulling up like a champ.  He can go from belly to a full stand in mere seconds!  He has occasionally stood on his own for a second or two, but I don't think he will be walking before his birthday.  He can crawl super fast and is speedy in his walker.  He had some small pieces of pizza for dinner tonight and he loved it!  He also learned how to drink from his straw sippy cup.  He has moved up to size 4 diapers and is wearing 12-18 months clothes. 

I love my boy. ;)

Playing with Abuelito

Stinky Feet!

Abuelito loves Britton

Meemaw loves Britton

So serious.  (But isn't he HANDSOME!?!?)

All the babies.  Mijo is very well behaved.

Britton and Mama

Britton and Daddy

Our little family

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april said...

great pictures! send me links of which shoes you want for britton so that i can get them for his birthday!