Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hanging out on Sunday

After church on Sunday, we went to my in-law's to eat lunch and to watch some football.  Britton always has a good time playing with his toys over there because they are "new" to him.  Plus, there is no "pen" that limits his roaming ability so he loves the fact that he can crawl everywhere.

Later that evening, we went over to my uncle and aunt's house.  My three cousins love having Britton there and play with him the entire time.  My cousin Anthony had some friends over, and they decided to make Britton into "Carlos" from The Hangover.

Britton was not into being "Carlos", but he certainly had the BLING BLING!! That is his 2nd cousin, Anthony, holding him.

Britton with his Great Uncle Guad, 2nd cousin Kate, Great Aunt Alma, and 2nd cousin Mark

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