Sunday, January 24, 2010

Britton's weekend with the Tia's

My sisters came to Amarillo this past weekend to visit.  I so wish they lived closer or EVEN LIVED IN TOWN. ;)

Karol came in on Friday mid-morning, and April made it in late Friday night.  Thank you to the super nice CSA in SAT who "expedited" April's departure so she could make her connecting flight!

Britton loved loved loved having his aunts bite dote on him.  He got lots of kisses and snuggles and hugs!

Saturday morning, we all got up and went to the gym.  Karol did Body Attack with me and April lifted major weights.  Afterwards, we came home and showered.  Below is a pic of April with a towel around her head.  With three girls in the house, we RAN OUT OF HOT WATER.  I managed to finish my shower, but I didn't get to warn April fast enough and she was left with a head full of conditioner.  So she had to hang out while the water heater refilled. She was a good sport about it.

After we all finished getting ready, we went out for a late lunch to Napoli's.  It was YUMMY!!  If you go, I highly recommend the "Vickie's Special".

Then we went to Babies R Us so that Tia April could buy Britton's Christmas gifts.  Oh my goodness!  It was definitely Christmas in January for Britton!  He has a very generous aunt!  Britton got a changing table cover in blue, the extension to his Superyard XT, and a Little Tikes Hauler.  He also had an Oversized Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids coming in the mail soon.  We got it in Denim and it will go perfect in his room.

Here is Britton trying out his hand at being a leprechan.  FYI, St. Patrick's Day 2010 will be Britton's last "first" holiday.

Doesn't he look so grown up sitting in the cart?!?!?

What kid wouldn't like to go to Toys R Us with two tia's!?!?!

After shopping, we headed home.  Some of us Britton needed  a nap.  We ended up just hanging out on Saturday night. We watched a movie called The Hurt Locker.  My review?  Thumbs DOWN!!!

Sunday morning, we went to Roaster's before church.

Snuggling with his Tia's on Sunday morning.  April and Karol were so excited to go in and get him out of his crib both mornings!

After church, we went over to my Uncle Guad's house and spent the afternoon there, until we had to take April and Karol to the airport.  Football was watched, Mexican Bingo was played and of course, food was eaten.

April and I also took a little detour to Once Upon A Child.  We picked up some clothes for Britton.  Karol had made mention that Britton was wearing "high water" pants, so we got some 12-18 month pants that fit his long legs better.  We also picked up some long sleeve shirts to get him through the rest of the winter since he is outgrowing his 12 month stuff.

AND, I also saw that this coming weekend, all the clearance clothing will be $1 each.  Guess where I will be Friday morning, even though we are forecasted to get 6-12 inches of snow on Thursday? ;) 

Well,we can't walk into OUAC and NOT look at toys.  Britton got 4 new toys and he LOVES them!  It is so cool to see him laugh and giggle and figure out how they work.I don't know the "official" name for some of them because as second hand toys, the original packaging is missing.  He got:

  •  a Mini Bumble Ball  At first, he didn't know what to think of it.  Today, he was laughing out loud at it and chasing it!  It was so cute to watch.  It does "bounce" pretty "ferociously" and when he couldn't catch it with his hands, he laid on top of it.  Hilarious!

  • A Jack in the Box type toy.  Basically, there are four levers and when you "move" one, out pops an animal. Britton, however, has no need for the levers.  He likes to pry the "lid" open.  He played with that toy for almost a full hour!

  • A rolling cylinder type toy that lights up and makes noise as it rolls.  He crawls and pushes it in front of him and he continues after it.

  • A toy that has a push lever on top.  When you push down, it "mixes" what is inside and makes noise.  He does not quite understand that the lever needs to be pushed down to make it work.

Second hand toys and clothes are GREAT!  (and less expensive!)

Here is the "pen" now that Britton has the extension for it.  It is 34.4 square feet.  He has lots of room to roam.  His crawling is getting quite fast!

In all, it was a great weekend and we are so happy that April and Karol were able to come visit.  Thank you Tia's for coming and we hope to see you again soon!  Love and besitos from Britton!!!

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Tiffany said...

wow, B made out like a bandit!

and you and your sisters look SO much alike!

i'm glad y'all had such a great weekend.