Wednesday, January 13, 2010

41 weeks...just a couple days late.

41 weeks just has such an OLD ring to it. 


Hmmmm.  FORTY-ONE.

See?  41 screams "your baby is getting close to one year old" to me.  And that is somewhat shocking.  SHOCKING, I tell you!

In Britton news, the biggest thing is that it is VERY difficult to take a picture of him SITTING.  As you will see, there are no pictures this week of him on his bum.  He loves climbing up on ANYTHING, but he only gets as far as his knees.  Sometimes, he will get one foot flat on the ground, in kind of a LUNGE pose, but then he doesn't know what to do with it.

He is currently not a fan of naps.  I am lucky to get two :30minute naps out of him.  He is eating well, but still prefers the purees over table food.  Sometimes when I am feeding him, he just stares at me with this serious look on his face and he sets his jaw in a way that stinks of stubborness.  I don't even know how to describe it.  But he "complains" by humming "ferociously", since he knows if he opens his mouth, we will take that opportunity to stick a spoon in there!

I take him to the gym daycare when I work out.  He LOVES it.  He has the company of tons of other kids and he can roam on the floor to his heart's content.  The other day, Lewis and I went to claim him and we just heard him screeching.  Not a bad screech.  He screeches when he's happy.  It sounds like a Pterodactyl.  You know, that huge bird/dinosaur on Jurrasic Park.  He also babbles so much.  And if he knows he has your 100% attention, he will babble louder and louder.

His hair is a mess.  I don't think he has much of it, but what he does have, is long.  The back of his head always looks like a rat's nest.  His hair is very fine and reminds me a lot of my dad's hair.

The below pic is a result of Lewis' setting him down and walking away.  He couldn't crawl fast enough to catch up to him. ;)

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