Monday, December 14, 2009

37 Weeks

Britton is 37 weeks.  If someone conceived the day he was born, they would be full term today.  Interesting.

We had a pretty busy weekend.  On Friday night, we went over to Lewis' brothers house for dinner and a movie.  Britton loved playing with his cousins and their dog, Sophie.  But he still prefers his teething SOPHIE the best.

On Saturday we went to Breakfast With Santa, put on by my MOMS Club.  We had a light brunch and then had some pictures taken with Santa.  Britton did not cry at all, unless you count when he fell out of his stroller because his horrible mama forgot to buckle him in, he just kept staring at Santa and touching his beard.

Here he is at home in his Christmas outfit.  I am VERY PROUD to say that this whole outfit cost me $13.50
My mom bought his vest for $2.50, I got the cordouroy pants at GAP for a whopping $3.00, and his NAUTICA button down was $8.00 at TJ Maxx.  Man, I love love love a bargain!

Britton with Santa!!

Another thing we did on Friday was an amatuer Christmas Photo Shoot.  I bought some wrapping paper for backgrounds and some props from the Dollar Bin at Target. I had some other ideas I wanted to do, but ran out of time.  I can always do them next year, too!

I had been planning to do this for a couple of weeks, but kept putting it off.  But I needed a good pic for our Christmas Card and I couldn't put it off any longer.  Britton was a real trooper.  I took a zillion picutures and here are some of the cuter ones.  I did not post the one we are using for our Christmas Card because I want it to be a surprise.  Look for it in your mailbox soon or on the blog on December 25.

And below is my big boy at 37 weeks.  He is into everything!  He can army crawl really fast.  Britton had been staying on his foam playmat, where he would pause and turn around when he got to the edge.  Well, no more.  He ventured beyond the borders of the mat and found out he can crawl even faster on the concrete! 

Another thing he likes to do it tear APART the playmat.  It is a puzzle foam mat and the pieces interlock.  Well, Britton has figured it out and likes to break the pieces up and chew on them.

He is eating well and BABBLING up a storm.  He loves bathtime and his naps have been really consistent the last few days.  A short morning nap at 9:30am and then a longer nap at 1:30pm.  I'm liking it!

Britton will be visiting his Grandma Franco for 4-5 days starting on Friday.  I was originally planning on working a long stretch, but I am grounded due to wrist inflammation/tendonitis and I can't wear my brace while flying.  So I don't know what I am going to do with all my free time!

I think this picture shows a good combination of me and Lewis in Britton:


april said...

cute pictures! you did a great job. and we LOVE the christmas card!

Michelle Franco said...

We all liked the pictures you did of Britton. The kids were laughing and saying...."OH HOW CUTE!" Ric and I liked the Big Cheese shirt.=)

Ricky said that shirt fits him tight. He is so cute and chubby. I can't believe he has 5 teeth already!