Thursday, November 26, 2009

Britton's First Thanksgiving

Britton got to meet his second/third/I.really.don't.know.what cousin Gianna on Wednesday.  Gianna's mom is my cousin Stephanie.  They flew in from Dallas to spend the holiday with her parents, my Godparents.  Britton looked like a beast compared to tiny sweet Gianna.  She is about 2.5 months younger and so petite!  Gianna looks just like her Mimi and I was told has her Mama's temper. ;)  I can't believe this is the only pciture I took, but thank goodness Stephanie took several and even got some video.  The video is hilarious.  Gianna kept trying to get close to Britton and give him kisses and trying to eat his socks.  Britton just kept leaning back trying to get away!

On Thursday, we went over to Lewis' brother's house to celebrate Thanksgiving.   The food was YUMMY!  We stayed about 3 hours.  We had to come home and clean the house and pack since we are leaving for Anson in the morning.

Here are some pics from Britton's Thanksgiving Day:

Britton's Grammie has a tradition where she buys all her grandkids a Christmas ornament every year.  (She has a total of 3 grandkids).  Here is Lewis holding up Britton's ornament.  It is a Hallmark Keepsake ornament with the number 1 and a little bear crawling with a Santa hat.

This is Britton and Lewis watching some football.  Isn't this a sweet picture with his hand on his Daddy's shoulder?

I  love love love love love this picture.  Britton looks SOOOOO much like his Daddy, don't you think?

This is Britton with his cousins, Calan and Hailey.

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april said...

i love all the pictures! britton looks like a giant next to gianna.