Monday, November 23, 2009

34 weeks

Well, I am back on track this week for blogging on Britton's week "birthday". 

Lots of new stuff to update on.  First and foremost, Britton has 3 top teeth coming in!  The two front teeth are breaking through ANY DAY.  I can see the white nubs under the gums.  He also has a left tooth that has broken through.  Let me tell ya, those things are SHARP!

Britton is also very close to crawling.  He can get up on his knees but can't quite grasp that he needs to push up on his arms at the same time.  But he's SO close.  He can scoot backwards very well and can also turn 360 degrees.

Britton is eating like a champ!  He loves the Yo Baby yogurt and trying new fruits.  His favorites are plums, peaches, and apples.  He still hates carrots, green beans, and peas.  Britton is still sleeping through the night and basically, he is just awesome!  He laughs and he giggles and he smiles and I could just eat him up!  Even when he cries, which he doesn't do very often, he's too cute!

Britton gives me sloppy open mouth kisses and grabs my hair in his fists while he pulls me face to him.  He lays his head on my chest and sucks his thumb and goes to sleep.  He raises his arms for me when he is ready to be picked up.  He kicks and squeals at bathtime.  He talks SO much.  He can say Mama, but it's just babbling, he has no idea what it means.  Britton also says something that sounds like HEY HEY HEY HEY!  It's so funny.  If Lewis and I are having a conversation he wants to join in and starts babbling.

He likes holding toys in both hands and he must TASTE everything.  He like to bang things and hear them make noise.

We are going to Anson this weekend and he can't wait to see his Grandma and Abuelito.


Stacey said...

adorable!!! I love all the pics, but my fav its the first one where he is smiling so big his eyes are almost closed. I LOVE those huge grins. What a handsome boy.

april said...

i cant believe how big he is getting!